Bharati Foundation

Bharati Foundation will preserve the culture of India and its rich identity across the world. Will preserve and promote ancient Indian culture and its languages for future generations. The Prime element of the Bharati Foundation is to support the charity in the country of residence (United States) as well as Bharat.

Fundamentals of the Bharati Foundation are based on 3 “B”s (Bharatiyatha, Bhavyatha, Bandhavyatha) which is fostering collaboration among all Bharatvasis and its well-wishers. Bharti Foundation will follow the democratic process and will be abided by the by-laws and member mandates.

Bharti Foundation requests and encourages all of the US Indians to join hands and come forward to build this emerging face of Bharatvarsh in the United States.

Bharti Foundation organizes several events during all major festivals such as SANKRANTI, HOLI, DUSSEHRA, UGADI, and DIWALI. Bharati also organizes annual events such as “Carnival”, a family picnic and competitions for kids as well as adults during summers.

Indian Education Foundation

We have not done any activities in the past except participating in local education-related events and discussions.

The Indian Education Foundation (IEF) plans to encourage language, culture and heritage-related Indian Education. IEF adheres to the organization’s founding principles-

·         to bring India specific educators together to explore ways to improve schools and the education

·         to promote the maintenance and continued development of Native languages and cultures;

·         and to develop and implement strategies for influencing local, state, and federal policy and policymakers.

We are working community members, teachers, administrators, school board members, local businesses and donors came together to make this dream a reality and a resource for students and the community for years to come.

We will be doing community Awareness Programs, Educational Experiments, Formal Schools, Non-Formal Educational Centers, Tuition Centers, Vocational Training, working with the government also.

Healthcare Foundation

Health is wealth and Healthy beginnings always lead to a healthy and happy life. Ethos Foundation is committed to promoting healthcare

awareness workshops and seminars at Primary education centers such as Pre-K schools, Elementary Schools.

Children are educated and exposed to learn nutrition, healthy habits using hands-on experiments, games and fun activities.

First-time parents and young parents can participate along with their children with Healthcare Providers such as Pediatricians.

All these activities are run with no profit with the only objective to promote healthcare awareness among kids and families.